Lesko Developments evolved during our journey to assist in the delivery of our quality products to the residential and leisure markets via a flexible delivery model. Working with Land Acquisition partners and reputable experts our business will secure land, obtain planning consents and supply the developments with our products resulting in faster, efficient, quality homes for all. The continued use of our Offsite Manufacturing Facility in Cambridgeshire will in turn close the gap and assist in the problem solving of the UK housing crisis. Our vision is to become leaders in a universal model which feeds our business through every stage.


Lesko are specialist manufacturers of a wide range of accomodation options.


All housing and leisure units are manufactured using the latest techniques by our highly trained and experienced team.

innovative design

We pride ourselves in individuality and modern design. Working with our designers we can deliver a bespoke solution as individual as you.

prompt delivery

Working together we will manufacture and deliver your accomodation to your site as fast as possible.